Horse Videos

1. Exercise to help your horse's Butt, Back and to help Soften

2. Backing up in Circles for your horse-Summary

1. How to Backup Your Horse and Help Develop Back & Hindquarter Muscles (Exercise #1)

2. How to Soften the Hindquarters of Your Horse (Exercise #2)

Horse chiropractic-What does it look like?

Horse Chiropractic- What does it look like? Motion Wellness Animal Chiropractic

In this video, Dr Keith Billstein, Anoka chiropractor demonstrates how a horse is adjusted. This was taken onsite in a barn under low light so the video quality is reduced. Dr Keith Billstein, an Equine Chiropractor in Andover specializes in both animal and human chiropractic care. Equine Chiropractic can help with many problems such as: Sore back, Lameness, difficulty with the poll, gait problems, performance problems, behavioral problems, bucking, spinal arthritis, pelvic arthritis, neck pain and can help maintain optimum health/performance. In Minnesota, state law requires that Animal Chiropractic that is performed by a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) must have a veterinary referral.

Directed by: Motion Wellness Animal Chiropractic

Starring: Dr. Keith Billstein

Cervical Flexion Exercises for a Horse

Horse Chiropractic-Cervical Flexion Exercises From The Ground

In this video Dr Keith Billstein, Twin Cities Animal Chiropractor talks about some simple exercises to increase neck flexibility in a horse. Dr Keith Billstein, Animal Chiropractor/Chiropractor Twin Cities, specializes in chiropractic care for: Animals, wellness, pediatrics, chiropractic for pregnancy, sciatica, headaches, auto injuries, work related cases,IBS, stomach problems, athletic injuries, stress problems, torticollis, high blood pressure, decreased energy, sleeping problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis and senior wellness care. Dr Billstein has practiced in the Andover area for 30 years servicing people and for a number of years, animals around the northern Twin Cities. Dr Billstein is known as to the "Go to Chiropractor" in the community. To learn more, contact us at:

Directed by: Motion Wellness Animal Chiropractic

Starring:Dr. Keith Billstein & Ellie

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